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Dear members and supporters, just as Soccer, the beautiful game and Knighthood, there is rules to be respected, code of ethics, and code of chivalry. 

Here is how to optimize you ranks of nobility by registering and buying from our partners and sponsors. In order to keep track of all activities generated from this site, we need everyone referred from the site to mention to any Customer Service Representative or on online forms that you obtained the idea to register or to buy the service or product from 

Usually whenever you have purchased a product or service you have a confirmation number or a purchase order. By posting this confirmation through your multiple choice of social medias on, you help us to keep track of all activities associated on this website also updating the database of the Knight of your sacred loyalty. That is through loyalty that you will obtain rewards and redemption, getting advices and invites. There is much more on this site to come just like are coming the Blessings from the Lord.