Update: Basics of planet formation at the angular momentum point... - Knightsax AC

Update: Basics of planet formation at the angular momentum point...

Every planets are a natural gaseous, rocky, icy or liquid Dyson spheres besides a pure power plant. Figure a marble rolling around a Russian Roulette. What slows it down is a centripetal force dragging the dust and atoms adding to the marble circular motion around the roulette, a frictional stale accelerated by a centripetal proximity motion. If a planet appears to be stationary, first it is the reference of time that extends to a million years in the making of a sphere. The sphere is connected magnetically to the closest singularity, the one enacting magnetic dragging attracting matter increasing in weight and power, in equilibrium with centripetal and centrifugal energy playing tug of war while a planet is taking shape and solidifying a positioning. A singularity could in between drag another singularity leaving the possibility of a lone galaxy or smaller, a rogue planet, a ditch ghost waiting a drag or a pull compelled on a worst case scenario to disintegrate through a porous, slow and dusty ending.

This updated edition is dedicated to Erling Haaland Premiere League of England record holder.

-Knightsax Athletic Club



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