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Gravity only a collateral of Sun's Nuclear Horizon

Gravity needs to be explained with basics. Electrons and Positrons converge to become neutrons for a moment but cannot prevent the nuclear fusion they are victims of. The distance and the passage from type of stars to lower mass involves radioactivity levels but also intensity, luminosity through the millions years of plasma surfing of gravitational waves or plasma waves to the far ends of galaxies where some of them will become stagnant, like rogue, and decaying. In that process cryogenic space intervenes, smothering, flattening the edges of plasma waves with pressure but as they are getting thinner, as friction increases they come to a stop, or overlapping with another wave just stronger in flow or just start filling a region of space cracking like thin ice. Implying no friction in space the plasma reaches through years a decaying process, radioactive material entropy leaves in suspension matter more resistant to radioactivity and even evading it in perfect conditions, over the plasma wave or under them as the remnants of other galaxies concentrated testifying more ancient or powerful era. The bigger the star plasmid influence with unique wavelengths the longer reach it has. Trying to explain positrons / electrons / neutrons could only resume to a static reaction from being dragged in space gaining velocity pushed by plasma splattering in an orbital surface proportional to a singular event affecting the actual solar system velocity. Since it is a molecular process that needs to involve the formation of permafrost in our solar system to be about 1% of the total mass of the system, then angular momentum is a cause of what we call gravity. The plasma at a 9.8N flow is deflected by the percentage of space cryogenic factors that have built on the oriental crescent of our planet. It is the region of our planet more distant to the sun, including the far side of the moon, then for many years the earth is in equilibrium with scorching nuclear heat, melting the permafrost gradually through positioning proportionally to the momentum it has in orbit. It is like an iron gong inside the core, with more density receiving plasma and enhancing fusion inside the planet as a radioactive resonance. Gamma is building up in the core and rejected through a rotating volume. Radioactivity from gamma eliminates static in the air which is creating atmospheric pressure, ozone layers and a shell allowing life to spread in a fast decaying vector, let's say 100 yrs for humans, another side effect of gamma. From a starborn nuclear fusion in wavelengths Beta and Alpha appears to be less hostile, probably from liquid soothing effect (h2o). Gamma neutralizes kinetic energy stored centrifugally in species, on apples at a 9.8N ratio, deflecting, refracting and reflecting a flow bouncing like liquid on permafrost. The kinetic energy is the one that has had a possibility to build in a centrifugal atmosphere, or habitat, we would be an atmospheric species in this case. Why do birds, alligators and dinosaurs have a breathing pattern different? It is for survivability but reducing their input of gamma for eyesight or vectorial or linear focus, as gators are stubborn to keep what they have bitten, having eyelids to protect from such resonance. There is nothing they really can do about it if they have the choice, gamma might be the reason. There are species inside the permafrost that have lived for millions years as they gradually become less resistant to gamma as a plasma flow, they might be the reason for the epidemic as they are defrosting from space travel, evaporating or mixing with water streams. Gamma leaves a bioprint by evading and it is the salt in the oceans, too much salt isn’t good, but also has strange effects; the Dead Sea where you don’t need swim aid to stay afloat is one of them but also being at 420 meters below the regular sea level.  Here is DJ Tiësto latest Club Lif 

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