A patent to enhance plasma thrusters... - Knightsax AC

A patent to enhance plasma thrusters...

To cross through sustainable edges of matter and antimatter, until our spaceship hulls are tolerating gradual and fractional implementation of acceleration, we will have to invert thrusters that could be powered differently to enable inward and outward thrust, an inverter would be appropriated as term or patent.


Every thrusters should have this modified formula to be able to generate and maintain control in a Goldilocks  navigating zone, safe and convenient for a spaceship , like a cosmic sea. 


  1. Radioactivity is fuel ignition 
  2. H-He (condensate) is fuel ignition 



Radioactive fuel is a type of energy from a type of star

While radioactive condensate is the energy coming from a star which cannot be converted as it is too light in mass anything that will pass through the barycenter that has been filtrated by it. It take an inversion to use the condensate to power a thruster. a change in polarity from a type of star to its residual entity.


The distance from Fuel Debit to Inverted Fuel Debit represents the navigable zone fringe in AU (Astronomical Units) in function of the engine ignition and its capacity to convert or to crystallize input/output of plasma (energy) at the Schwarszchild radius point (Rs). It will be to crystallize plasma to thrusters including its change or flip in polarity from a type of star to its residual entity having momentum that will be embedded to use organically paradoxical to White dwarf escape hatch at barycenter.


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