Update about the Meteor Showers...


Why do things turn out to a spherical shape? It is the medium. Things are bouldering to stability on an horizon. Atoms that are subjected to a centripetal or centrifugal destiny are following the pent torrent path. Plasma is translational, something you might understand thoroughly by reading on crystallography. At inertia level, stagnating like a rogue planet they are under the pressure of cryogenics and will blow up like dust particles crushed by icebergs from a 360 x 360 factor:


 -272.42 x 360 exp^360 


Average space temperature being -270.42 degrees Celsius; 


You need to multiply that cryogenic pressure by all the angles that are influencing a sphere, acting on every angles. Sphere means homeostasis in a sense. Fusion material is also a victim of that converging pressure, most probably accelerated by its type of plasma ex. H-He that determines the type of molecular infrastructure (sphere) that will be generated or created.

Bombardment on the horizon is more likely to happen as cryogenics, attracted faster and accelerating on charging and charged plasma, having created bubbles by surrounding a "rogue" radioactive matter, is attacking the nucleus in fusion, that same pellet expelled from a star, now gathering meteor showers in the last steps of planet formation turning to a rocky planet scheme when pressurization as attained a threshold. That achieved; a maximum pressure, as the speed of light tops, reaches its limit, in proportion of the fusion material liberated from the star. 

We are actually living into a type of plasma which made us develop a shell just as soap bubbles could be created. The medium extends in space, so there is a lattice where the plasma properties in between the positive and negative entanglement of the angular momentum, the one enabled around a star or a singularity, a balanced zone ideal to form spherical objects just enhanced by Kelvins. The event horizon degree or angle vs its own singularity dragging it, the butterfly (chaos theory) is to some degree vacuumed into a wormhole leading to a more potent radioactivity. The acceleration usually constant starts to become incremental so the mathematical laws of physics are not responding or getting altered, as an acceleration matches the singularity drawing nearer. This will gain in value as the butterfly stretches, the whole dragged plasma and horizon becoming a current (electromagnetism) before mutating as a new type of detectable energy (plasma) more potent at the fusion angularity point or at a momentum.