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Plasma helps to define unique DNA: its density defines species?


The double helix-shape DNA strain is spinning left handed but is it a flip according to the chaos butterfly theory? If there wasn't, we wouldn't have that wavy structure, pattern or crystalline arrangement, it would be straight, like an iron curtain. The double helix-shape pattern shows that we are like floating or suspended while oriented by a tug war with electromagnetism, currents and angular momentum. If both horizons (up and down - Anti Clockwise - Clockwise) were not interfering in between each other, spins wouldn’t be noticeable or at least recorded. That is genuine to our species because it is genuine to our star's actual stage of plasma growth and aging implying a degree of inclination and a drag cryogenic matter fueling fusion.


With a podcast from Mrs. Hala Taha’s Yap Podcast with Dr. Will Cole about the guts of our bodies from March 25th; we do believe that our organs; one closer to the Nucleus of the planet, the stomach, responds to the spin of the plasma sent from the sub event horizon upwards the atmosphere to brains for dragging it back molecularly, through gasses as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide, on heavier ground. We are then linked through fusion by gamma grounding, in other terms spiking us down to crystallize with Rocky elements in a rib cage or a skull. As ping pong or tennis, exchanging molecules in what seems a chaotic butterfly pattern shows only what is proven to be the double helix-shape vector captured and studied under the microscope under a timelapse of analysis in the lab.


Have you heard about Shiva and Shakti? Here is an article about an astronomical discovery that pinpoints plasma spreads in the cosmos.


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