Living through Plasma and MagLev Highways, a species redefined. - Knightsax AC

Living through Plasma and MagLev Highways, a species redefined.

A meteorite issued from another singular event like a nova will weigh differently on Earth, than a meteorite from a supernovae. The humidity, the cryogenics of space as an imprint, distributes energy inside matter as we know it. Gold from a supernovae will weigh more than Gold from novae, purity level as carat could be as a similar dispersion and classification process. But,  instead of impurities it is density and pressure exerted on the element of the periodic table and its molecular structure when associating. Having the atomic masses on Earth as reference; there will be embedding from the event (novae) adding to the mass of matter through intensity of the deflagration in the infinitely small or paradoxically; on extreme magnitude. A molecule of water will need a density valued from the depth and pressure level where it is sampled. As in space you cannot breathe while oxygen is abundant but compressed from the asphyxiating amount of Hydrogen and from hypothermia making absorption and synthesis impossible for some species but easier for more primitive life forms finding paths even under extreme pressure, to proliferate.

The expansion of an horizon in the phase of a Novae, Supernovae and Hypernovae has a gradual pattern as Earth magnetic field clears objects in orbit. Fusion in the core, exerts on elements gathered through years creating the permafrost through aging, a molecular transformation that is gradually creating force fields and reactivity through linear translational friction over the plasma as core material in suspension which holds the elements to stay and to form molecular compounds from the lattice they stands on as magnetic superposition, magnets on each others finding equilibrium, for matter in all phases to be added in a chaotic manner but driven and related to the influence of the closest singularity. The key about magnetism is to control its effect and the cushion in between electromagnetic lattices. Maglev trains could be good example of the highly potent and profitable this channel could be. It is what we identify as +/- poles but this relates to the current in the cushion as a fluid the magnetic strength, radioactivity coexist and the weaker force has to adjust, to follow and positions itself. Through an attosecond we can determinate levels of magnetism or brands of them, dimming pressure.

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The way to build telescopes as just observatories is obsolete as upgrades and add-on are securing data for better constants and models. It is awesome to get to galleries and contemplate abstract Arts from artists. If behind the cosmos Picasso, Da Vinci, a Banksy would be creating such figures and displays we would gaze at the sky waiting for constellations and new releases. They got names from our ancestors as now basics of Astrological names and resemblance but also as reference points if you were traveling. A Scorpio could resemble a Lion. It depends on the way you are drawing, as an amateur or a pop art creator, but they would have few stars in common whatever you decide what it looks like and the name you have selected or got it elected. So basically an algorithm has been found for a peripheral for finding exoplanet technosignatures, this could make a JWST more like a detector than an objective observer seeking chemical reactions, radioactive singularities or just to situate itself seeking LY span visibility.

So this is a type of fusion going through our planet that constitutes a goldilocks process or a sustainable organic mixture for life to become, not just positioning. 

The end of this chain is marked by the fusion of protons with beryllium-7 to form boron-8

It is then locally what constitutes the edge of the solar system before interstellar space, planets are orbiting around the Sun but figure a dart board with the red dot edging towards or away from the center of the Milky Way's that red dot being under the pressure of a type of fusion of protons heavier or lighter than those elements constituting its core. If we want to find species like us we need to find that typical fusion type and isotopes that makes lifeforms similar and lenient in resistance in that environment. If all the solar system is a goldilocks zone, that chain is the solution for multi planetary species in space. 

Isotopes are atoms that have the same number of protons and electrons but different numbers of neutrons and therefore have different physical properties. - Collins

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