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A secret naturally selected from the depth...

The Barycenter, as it appears crystallizes superfluid at its center, just past the accretion disk, where plunge a condensate of a perfected quality.  This lubricates lensing too, the data we are receiving from an observation matches the receptive velocity of the observatory, we cannot always try to decipher clear data. What is always spinning in terms of millions years and revolutions, and the corresponding dragged matter could take all characteristics labelled at an atto second as it is flowing in a superfluid, a plasma gathering matter from a perimeter or a region of space pinpointed by a telescope with interferences. Without friction or at extreme acceleration elements detected are like meteorites found on Earth, a rare find. We are in that sense directed by the influential singularity having more malleable and alterable mass than that perfected angular momentum funnel where our singularity is anchored, even if we will liquify at an incremental acceleration in superfluidity, we will collaterally reach the supercluster slope guiding the North Star with pace. As dragging matter from a transitional Universe will end up like an iced ball, in an iced storm in an iced cryogenic cloud, a point to localize the exact position as the endpoint where Earth was jadis, a the remnant path to the star that made us vector still growing in power. Again yet ending in a few thousand years like a collateral agglomeration of a cryogenic density while we will stress to jump another vector as immigrants seeking velocity like a team of rowers assisted by robots.


Uranus is spinning sideways. To the Sun it will be like the rock that prevents access to a path. Like a single number on the Russian Roulette. Each planet to the Sun is a vector. The solar mass being so great in comparison to that funnel in between Uranus and the Sun that it has to imply an element that will stay clogging, at 19.2 AU in equilibrium with cryogenic space, the superfluid created in function to the radioactive input of the Sun the relative heat and mass, also as pressure is a factor keeping Uranus in balance, aligned to the barycenter energetic loophole. Could radioactivity has a magnetic polarity to keep matter at distance or just the accumulation of plasma waves are just sufficient? The Sun and Uranus have a unique connection as the Earth and other planets also are chemically bonded in function of their mass, intrinsic characteristics and cryogenic push.


Undersea, pressure crushes in alignment with the planet and the moon as liquid and plasma are in symbiotic correlations. The density of the liquid is, at different depth levels, stabilizing aging as a type of hypothermia slowing the metabolism of species by choice of habitat, all protected by an adaptive coating from gamma rays by h2o diffraction, reflection. A species could find an equilibrium in depth of sea to reduce or impeach aging. This, would require a type of edification with serious standards however...


There is a coat around species at sea that shields organs with sea salt as a sedimentary process, naturally cemented with depth pressure. If some species would always stay at some depth level, living in equilibrium they would live longer if water wasn't contaminated. It is to figure at which depth a species should level up or gather for a body shell to be thick enough for the organs to be protected against diffracted gamma, and other pathogens like electromagnetic stimuli, as water is somehow a great protection against radioactivity from the core of the planet, but a great current conductor, as the Hydrogen Helium condensate facilitates a more translational propagation through water, so electricity travel those lattices for sound and colors to be perceived at distances through this medium.


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