Angular Momentum: a fusion generated process

There is an obvious pattern that could be explained and used as a constant to understand how likely a system lije ours will develop and ages. We are pinpointing transit around distant stars but closer the same type of analysis could be conducted. We use velocities in our papers and thesis but indeed it is somehow meaningless, adding weight to equation we should be using acceleration to be more relevant, as it includes other values in the reasoning (Thanks to Sabine Hossenfelder). Velocity resumes to Astronauts floating in an anti gravity chamber after all, implying an orbit however and an anchor like a facility.

From Pluto to Mercury there is a gradual acceleration from planet to planet orbitals to be noticed from 4.74 km/s (Pluto) to 47.87 km/s  (Mercury). The closer to the star the fastest the transiting acceleration. (See the article). Fusion is a lubricant disabling friction or enhancing matter in a state of excitement, a phase, like water reaching the boiling point. We should again adding the Sun acceleration around the galactic disc, the Sun having an approximately 230 km/s displacement.

We are drawing the conclusion that redshift perceived is like a year to a several years swerving of matter and anti matter dragged and accelerating under a centripetal pull from a more potent fusion processor, a generator at the nucleus of a star or a singularity if we could categorize them as such. Convex lensing focuses matter to a specific point towards the singularity bending with acceleration. The concave lensing might imply a magnetar or something that distort or diverge the plasma (fusion) to the assign path like a rock in the midstream a river fending the current. It might also suggest the occurrence of a supernova blowing an inward (to Laniaekea) course, disrupting it, with a clear imprint of merging type of stars under cataclysmic phases. It is brushing and smearing or perspectives. Junctions are created from centrifugal collaterals intertwining from a sudden star death. It will not be gravity that bends light it is the acceleration towards fusion, tectonic plasma and its lattices of matter like sheets.

FP1: Initial Propulsion

FP2: Intermediary Propulsion

FP3: Cruising Propulsion

AFM1: Anti Friction Mechanism 1

AFM2: Anti Friction Mechanism 2

FP1 - AFM1 = FP2 

FP2 + AFM2 = FP3

A 10% efficient AFM1 (as aerodynamics for instance) paired with a 110% efficient AFM2 will reduce friction of the propulsive system to inertia. A 40% efficient AFM1 with a 75% efficient AFM2 will overall reduce workload and payload for fuel efficiency to a 115% gain, comparable to a maglev cushion. We want  FP2 value to be labeled as instant acceleration.