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Plasma infiltration translates in molecules adding mass in kPa


On the moon there are less elements in the atmosphere which influences the dispersion of plasma, it is direct. Plasma embed and inscribes momentum on every element which determines its density with injection. If experiments were plasma compliant; as weighting the objects on the moon and then weighting them on Earth prior to the experience, they would have the same weight as control but if the objects were sitting on the moon prior experiment; embedded collaterals would just falsify the result, but plasma sample and density would have a difference extremely small in attosecond, or atomic weight by atto second variation. Otherwise a feather versus this hammer taken this time from the moon to an experiment on Earth will see the same result but hitting faster the ground as space plasma has gradually embed its nature to the molecular structure inside the feather and the hammer, a type of latticework encrypting H-He with pressure, compaction of particles mixing into that liquid sent from the Sun but not magnetically protected or refracted by an atmosphere. The experience resides in the plasma test tube from the moon and the one on Earth, as objects are subjected to the translational drag embedding their elementary composition. Plasma infiltrates molecular structures as gamma flows in between crystallized lattices, through the atomic bonds altering the symmetry toward a supersymmetry which would be more genuine in superfluidity.

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