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Formulae, Rock, Solid and Orbital Station Services

Hydrogenic HB (Higgs Bosons) enter the atmosphere, from Hydrogenic attraction to Radioactive, ElectroMagnetic and Magnetic forces. while entering as HHB or as chunks (ex meteor, particle, atoms) , they react. So HHB turns to gasses by clumping on any other element they encounter entering any system and often on Beta level subdued to it (i.e. stratosphere, magnetosphere, atmosphere, ionosphere). HHB mutates to gasses and then to heavier molecules through time as other form molecules with more ease and then could eventually solidify by accumulation, sedimentation , crystallization inside a planet volume and boundaries always under cryogenics pressure of space, like a type of cosmic erosion factor, a duster turning all of matter to dust after years of suspension in the cosmos.

On the opposite but with more strength, from interaction with the nucleus of the planet H-He fusion, evaporation of sedimented elements, built by magnetic and radioactive activities drawn inwards, nabbed with different intensities to the nucleus, in a stable manner for some elements better than others. All parts of the process of terraforming with the mantle or crust of the planet, inner fusion initiating it and forming it streamlined with magnetic resonance in Alpha range.


Element associations, molecular agencement and tectonic activities are increasing the planets balance with Her point of equilibrium, in between the Magnetic North and Magnetic South


About Earth- “Its southern hemisphere counterpart is the south magnetic pole. Since Earth's magnetic field is not exactly symmetric, the north and south magnetic poles are not antipodal, meaning that a straight line drawn from one to the other does not pass through the geometric center of Earth.”

Knowing that Hydrogen: the simplest atom of all, is an electron and a proton bound together, we should, if we want to turn our formula with charged particles of atomic mass, acknowledge that H has to be as one, the mass of an electron and the mass of a proton.

Before becoming an electromagnetic wave Photons of light in most case; with no mass, but kinetic energy, potential or momentum has to go through initiation, not spontaneity. Take a black hole as reference all the revolutions / milliseconds; it has to get a gradual acceleration to reach such power on its journey. So Higgs Bosons or photons are clumping on an element to provide a form of heat we could feel for instance. As the Sun provides heat, it is through absorption by our organic nature that we feel the sun's warmth, there is also energy that stays stored for few hours when the Sun have set. Hydrogenic Higgs Bosons that, could also be Hydrogenic Photons after all; the idea is to have a particle without mass to be interacting with a basic element then, elements to gain velocity in the Universe to create chemical reactions under the proportional threshold of about 0.15 percent of the total mass of a System like the Solar System, just at an electromagnetic fringe where life spreads and molecules could live without grilling on the fusion fire, or disintegrating into radioactive plasma or magma.

Even if our solar system is a model, it doesn’t limit a Goldilock zone to be only 0.15 percent of the total mass around its star but could be a constant for human species only. If the Sun would have been 15x bigger at start, keeping the same proportion and same geo dimensional coordinates, Earth would be 15 x 1.31668×1025 lbs (15 x 6.585 billion trillion tons) instead. We could start now being certain about the distance of a radioactive source of Helium-H to be a theater for new species.

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